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The SC07 committee would like to thank all the teams participating in the Cluster Challenge for their efforts and sportsmanship. Each team and individual on each team should be proud of their achievements last week. Everyone helped make a difference with their activities associated in the Cluster Challenge and hopefully this will be a long-lived event at the SC conferences as a result.

The participating teams and vendor partners included:

Stony Brook University + Dell
National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) + ASUSTek
University of Colorado + Aspen Systems
University of Alberta (Canada) + SGI
Indiana University + Apple
Purdue University + HP

The winning team was the University of Alberta from Canada with their SGI vendor-partner.

We look forward to the opportunity to run the event again next year at SC08 November 15-21 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin Texas.

Challenges provide a way to showcase HPC resources at SC07 in friendly competitions with other participants. Building on prior successes, SC07 will feature four challenges, including a brand-new one:

NEW! Cluster Challenge

Did you know that a small cluster today (less than 1/2 rack) would top the website from just ten years ago? The computational power that is easily within reach today significantly surpasses that available only to the national labs from that time. The Cluster Challenge showcases the significance of this and highlights how accessible clusters are to anyone today. In this challenge, teams of undergraduate students will assemble a small cluster on the Exhibit floor and run benchmarks & applications selected by industry and HPC veterans. The challenge will be judged on the speed of benchmarks and the throughput of application runs over the first three days of the conference.

For more information click here.


Analytics Challenge

More than ever before, organizations in commercial, government, university, and research sectors are increasingly tasked with making sense of huge amounts of underutilized data. These dynamics have led to the growing area of SC07 Analytics. SC07 Analytics will highlight rigorous and sophisticated methods of data analysis and visualization used in high performance computing by showcasing powerful analytics applications solving complex, real-world problems. Teams who enter the challenge will be judged by a panel of experts when they present their results Judging by a panel of experts will take place when entry teams present the results of their project at a special session.

Details on the Challenge Submission, Judging, Awards and SC07 Activities

This year Analytics Challenge winners will be offered a complimentary one-year license of gridMathematica or Mathematica Personal Grid, courtesy of Wolfram Research.


Bandwidth Challenge

The High Performance Bandwidth Challenge is an annual competition for leading-edge network applications developed by teams of researchers from around the world, providing a showcase for the technologies and people who provide the networking capabilities crucial to supercomputing. The Bandwidth Challenge, running across SCinet, is designed to test the limits of network capabilities, and past events have showcased multi-gigabit-per-second demonstrations never before thought possible.

Bandwidth Challenge Call for Participation click here.

SC07 WAN Resources


Storage Challenge

HPC systems are comprised of 3 major subsystems: processing, networking and storage. In different applications, any one of these subsystems can limit the overall system performance. The HPC Storage Challenge is a competition showcasing effective approaches using the storage subsystem, which is often the limiting system, with actual applications. Participants must describe their implementations and present measurements of performance, scalability, and storage subsystem utilization. Judging will be based on these measurements as well as innovation and effectiveness; maximum size and peak performance are not the sole criteria. Finalists will be chosen on the basis of submissions which are in the form of a proposal; submissions are encouraged to include reports of work in progress. Finalists will present their completed results in a technical session during the conference from which the winners will be selected. Participants with access to either large or small HPC systems are encouraged to enter this challenge.


Tuesday, Nov 13

Time Session Event Chair/Speaker Location
10:30AM - 11:10AM Analytics Challenge Finalists Angle: Detecting Anomalies and Emergent Behavior from Distributed Data in Near Real Time Robert Grossman, Michal Sabala, Shirley Connelly, Yunhong Gu, Matt Handley, Rajmonda Sulo, David Turkington, Anushka Anand, Leland Wilkinson, Ian Foster, Ti Leggett, Mike Papka, Mike Wilde, Joe Mambretti, Bob Lucas, John Tran A10 / A11
11:10AM - 11:50AM Analytics Challenge Finalists Cognitive Methodology-based Data Analysis System for Large-scale Data Yoshio Suzuki, Chiaki Kino, Noriyuki Kushida, Norihiro Nakajima A10 / A11
3:30PM - 3:43PM Bandwidth Challenge Finalists iWarp-based Remote Interactive Scientific Visualization Scott A. Friedman A10 / A11
3:43PM - 3:56PM Bandwidth Challenge Finalists Streaming Uncompressed 4k Video Laura Arns, Scott M Ballew, David Braun, Patrick Finnegan, Ryan Pedela A10 / A11
3:56PM - 4:09PM Bandwidth Challenge Finalists Distributed Data Processing over Wide Area Networks Robert Grossman, Yunhong Gu, Michal Sabala, David Hanley, Shirley Connelly, David Turkington A10 / A11
4:09PM - 4:22PM Bandwidth Challenge Finalists Phoebus Aaron Brown A10 / A11
4:22PM - 4:35PM Bandwidth Challenge Finalists A Virtual Earth TV Set via Real-time Data Transfer from a Supercomputer Ken T. Murata, Yasuichi Kitamura, Eizen Kimura, Keiichiro Fukazawa, Hironori Shimazu A10 / A11
4:35PM - 4:48PM Bandwidth Challenge Finalists Using the Data Capacitor for Remote Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualization Stephen C. Simms, Matthew Davy, Bret Hammond, Matt Link, Craig Stewart, S. Teige, Mu-Hyun Baik, Yogita Mantri, Richard Lord, Rick McMullen, John C. Huffman, Kia Huffman, Guido Juckeland, Michael Kluge, Robert Henschel, Holger Brunst, Andreas Knuepfer, Matthias Mueller, P.R. Mukund, Andrew Elble, Ajay Pasupuleti, Richard Bohn, Sripriya Das, James Stefano, Gregory G. Pike, Douglas A. Balog A10 / A11
4:48PM Bandwidth Challenge Finalists TeraGrid Data Movement with GPFS-WAN and Parallel NFS Patricia Kovatch, Phil Andrews, Roger Haskin, Marc Eshel, John White, Michelle Butler A10 / A11
1:30PM - 1:50PM Storage Challenge Finalists ParaMEDIC: A Parallel Meta-data Environment for Distributed I/O and Computing Pavan Balaji, Wu-chun Feng, Jeremy Archuleta, Heshan Lin A10 / A11
1:50PM - 2:10PM Storage Challenge Finalists Zest: The Maximum Reliable TBytes/sec/$ for Petascale Systems Nathan T. B. Stone, Doug Balog, Paul Nowoczynski, Jason Sommerfield, Jared Yanovich A10 / A11
2:10PM - 2:30PM Storage Challenge Finalists Astronomical Data Analysis with Commodity Components Michael S. Warren, John Wofford A10 / A11
2:30PM - 2:50PM Storage Challenge Finalists Grid-oriented Storage: Parallel Streaming Data Access to Accelerate Distributed Bioinformatics Data Mining Frank Wang, Na Helian, Sining Wu, Vineet Khare, Chenhan Liao, Amir Nathoo, Rodric Yates, Paul Fairbairn, Jon Crowcroft, Michael Andrew Parker, Jean Bacon, Zhiwei Xu, Yike Guo, Yuhui Deng A10 / A11

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