SC07 to Feature "Disruptive Technologies" Activity

Reno, Nev. - February 19, 2007 -- The annual SC conferences have traditionally been housed the latest technologies for high-end computing.  The Exotic Technologies initiative at SC06 allowed conference participants to ponder what technologies will dominate high-performance computing at SC 2020.

At SC07, this event is called "Disruptive Technologies."  Disruptive Technologies will feature an exhibit area and two speaker panels at SC07, taking place Nov. 10-16, 2007, at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, NV.

This year, the activity will focus on technologies that have the potential to overturn the existing dominant technologies in supercomputing and those technologies that have the potential to be realized in the next five to 15 years. 

The exhibit area will allow researchers to demonstrate working prototypes to attendees, while the speaker panels will offer experts' views on disruptive technologies for processors, memory, interconnects and storage.

The chair for Disruptive Technologies at SC07 is Jeffrey Vetter of Oak Ridge National Lab and Georgia Tech University.  Bill Kramer of National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center -- Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, led the SC06 event.  

About SC07

SC07, sponsored by ACM and IEEE Computer Society, will showcase how high-performance computing, networking, storage and analysis lead to advances in research, education and commerce. The conference includes technical and education programs, workshops, tutorials, an exhibit area, demonstrations and hands-on learning.  For more information, please visit