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SC07 is the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking, storage, and
analysis. SC07 will be held November 10-16, 2007, in Reno, NV.

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Highlights from the September Edition:

* Neil Gershenfeld to Open SC07 with "Programming Bits and Atoms" Keynote
* DoD Funding Enables More Under-Represented Individuals to Experience SC07
* Make Plans to Attend the Most Exciting, Diverse Masterworks Program Yet
* Huge Response to Doctoral Research Showcase
* SC07 to Feature Fortran@50

* SC07 Announces Disruptive Technologies Showcase Winners

* SC07 Analytics Challenge Finalists Selected

* Don't Miss the AMD-Supported Poster Reception

* SCinet, OpenFabrics Team Up to Host Powerful Infrastructure for Exhibitors
* Exhibitor Housing Rooming Lists Due October 8

* Free Subscriptions for The HPCwire Weekly Newsletter

Neil Gershenfeld to Open SC07 with "Programming Bits and Atoms" Keynote

Neil Gershenfeld is the director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. His unique laboratory breaks

down boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, from creating molecular quantum computers

to virtuosic musical instruments. Gershenfeld's work has received enthusiastic attention from

media including The New York Times, The Economist and the "McNeil/Lehrer News Hour." He was

selected as a CNN/Time/Fortune Principal Voice and as one of the Top 100 public intellectuals.

Gershenfeld's keynote address- "Programming Bits and Atoms" - will open the SC07 Technical Program

on Tuesday, 11/13, in the Reno Convention Center. In his keynote, Gershenfeld will explain

how the world is about to shift. Research on digital fabrication is about the fundamental merging

of computation and fabrication. Personal fabricators will transform us into magicians, capable

of conjuring up precisely what we want, when we want it. Before long, people will own inexpensive desktop

machines that can print functioning 3-D objects, not just static structures, just as effortlessly

as desktop computers can already print pictures and words in two dimensions.

Gershenfeld has a brilliant grasp of the complexities of evolving scientific understanding and a

singular talent for distilling that understanding into technologies and machines that extend human

reach and serve human needs. The SC07 committee is excited that Gershenfeld will share his

inventiveness and foresight with the SC community!


More Information:

DoD Funding Enables More Under - Represented Individuals to Experience SC07

The Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization (DoD HPCMP) Joint Educational
Opportunities for Minorities (JEOMs) program has provided funding that will allow eight additional

people to attend SC07 under the Broader Engagement (BE) program. This generous contribution has
allowed the SC07 BE committee to accept all qualified applicants for BE grants to support the

participation of groups that have traditionally been under-represented in high performance computing.

"Without this extra funding, we faced some very difficult choices in deciding which applicants

would not be able to attend SC07," said SC07 BE Chair Jennifer Teig von Hoffman. "Since our

objective is to make it possible for many newcomers to attend, this contribution is especially welcome."

The JOEMs program, managed by Valerie Thomas, is an educational outreach effort that strives to

increase access to the high performance computing community for underrepresented groups in the

science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. More information on JOEMs

program is available at

More Information:


Make Plans to Attend the Most Exciting, Diverse Masterworks Program Yet

SC07 has collaborated with the Council on Competitiveness to bring the most respected leaders in
industry to the conference to discuss the role of HPC on business-impact topics such as bio-fuel

research, product design, next-generation modeling and simulation, and supply chain optimization

Other popular topics will include the future of Formula One racing, the birth of a new film

industry, a new age of film rendering, and designing high performance golf clubs. Another major

feature is a session featuring Department of Energy INCITE Award Winners.

Masterworks will culminate with a CTO roundtable discussion exploring the strategic value of HPC
and strategies for using high-end computing to give businesses a competitive edge. The roundtable

discussion will include panelists from Walmart, FedEx, Nasdaq and General Motors.

More Information:

Huge Response to Doctoral Research Showcase

Due to the enormous response to the Doctoral Research Showcase, two sessions for this new event
have been scheduled where only one had been planned. The Doctoral Research Showcase will provide a

venue for PhD students graduating in the next 12 months to present a summary of their research.


The committee selected 12 students to make presentations from the 48 proposals received. These
sessions are perfect if you are looking for a postdoc or entry-level researcher, if you are a new

graduate student looking for ideas to build upon, or if you are interested in what the next
generation of HPC researchers has in store for us. We encourage anyone with a Technical Program

registration to attend!

More Information:

SC07 to Feature Fortran@50

Did you know that the first Fortran compiler was delivered to a customer fifty years ago? For half

a century people have been computing with Fortran, the most enduring, versatile and practical of

programming languages. A panel session on Thursday, 11/15, will assess the effect Fortran has had
on our industry in terms of machine architecture, languages and user applications. The session

will also look forward into the next Fortran standards, so please come and make your suggestions
for Fortran2057!

More Information:

SC07 Announces Disruptive Technologies Showcase Winners

The Disruptive Technologies (DT) Showcase is a forum for examining technologies that may

significantly reshape the world of HPC in the next five to fifteen years, but which are not common

in today's systems. A disruptive technology is a technological innovation or product that
eventually overturns the existing dominant technology or product in the marketplace. Attendees

will see prototype devices, view demonstrations and discuss these technologies with the experts.

Congratulations! The winners of the first Disruptive Technologies Showcase featured in Exhibit Hall 1B are:

1. Superconducting Quantum Computing System, D-Wave

2. Many-Core Chip System Software and Logic Co-Verification, ETI and IBM

3. High Performance Optical Connectivity Based on CMOS Photonics Technology, Luxtera

4. Non-Volatile Random Access Memory using carbon nanotubes, Nantero

5. Optical Printed Circuit Board Technology and 200+200Gbps Transceiver, IBM

More Information:

SC07 Analytics Challenge Finalists Selected

Two finalists will present their Analytics Challenge papers on Tuesday, 11/13 from 10:30am to

12:00pm at SC07. The topics center on suspicious Internet traffic behavior and a method for

analyzing large scale data in critical areas such as atomic energy.

The finalist team leaders, organizations and entry titles are:

Dr. Robert L. Grossman w/ University of Illinois at Chicago
"Angle: Detecting Anomalies and Emergent Behavior from Distributed Data in Near Real Time"


Dr. C. Kino w/ Japan Atomic Energy Agency
"Angle: Cognitive Methodology Based Data Analysis System for Large Scale Data"


More Information:

Don't Miss the AMD-Supported Poster Reception

Poster receptions are a popular way of communicating research results. This year, 45 posters were

accepted out of nearly 150 submissions; this includes six student posters that will be entered in

ACM's Student Research Competition. All posters will be displayed throughout the week. Don't miss
the AMD-supported evening Poster Reception on Tuesday, 11/13, 5:15pm-7:00pm!

More Information:

SCinet, OpenFabrics Team Up to Host Powerful Infrastructure for Exhibitors

Scinet and Openfabrics will host a conference-wide InfiniBand and Low Latency Ethernet fabric at

SC07 based on the OpenFabrics software and supporting services. This fabric will provide a

powerful infrastructure for exhibitors to demonstrate the advantages of InfiniBand and low latency
Ethernet (iWARP) by connecting booths in the exhibition area via a fiber InfiniBand or 10 gigabit

low latency Ethernet link.

Advantages include:

* Clustered computing for high performance computing applications.
* Peer-to-peer processing.
* High performance access to InfiniBand and iWARP RDMA based NFS services.
* Open-source software support for all major network protocols for data movement, parallel computing.
* Direct access to storage, a few of which are Oracle database, NFS, Lustre, PVFS, OpenMPI, and MPICH.

More Information:

Exhibitor Housing Rooming Lists Due October 8

The deadline to receive room lists for your housing blocks is fast approaching. The deadline is

10/8 at 8:00pm ET. Please send your housing block names to and copy to ensure your housing will be reserved.

More Information:

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