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Best Research in High Performance Computing Honored at SC07
Gordon Bell Prize, Challenges, Best Papers and Poster Winners Announced

Reno, NV — November 15, 2007 — Top researchers in high performance computing were recognized today at the SC07 conference, where the winners of the Best Paper, Best Student Paper, Best Poster, ACM Student Research Competition, Analytics Challenge, Bandwidth Challenge, Storage Challenge, and Gordon Bell Prize were presented.

Sponsored by ACM and the IEEE Computer Society, SC07 showcases the latest advances in high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis.

The following are this year's awards:

Seymour Cray Award
Kenneth Batcher (Kent State University)

Sidney Fernbach Award
David Keyes (Columbia University)

Gordon Bell Prize
James Glosli, Kyle Caspersen, David Richards, Robert Rudd, Frederick Streitz (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) and John Gunnels (IBM, Inc.), Extending Stability Beyond CPU-Millennium: Micron-Scale Atomistic Simulation of Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability

Best Paper Award
Dennis Abts, Abdulla Bataineh, Steve Scott, Greg Faanes, James Schwarzmeier, Eric Lundberg, Tim Johnson, Mike Bye, Gerald Schwoerer (Cray, Inc.), The Cray BlackWidow: A Highly Scalable Vector Multiprocessor

Best Student Paper Award
Serkan Ozdemir, Gokhan Memik, Ja Chun Ku, Arindam Mallik, Yehea Ismail (Northwestern University), Variable Latency Caches for Nanoscale Processor

Best Poster Award
Zhengji Zhao, Juan Meza, and Lin-Wang Wang Name (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory),  A New O(N) Method for Petascale Nanoscience imulations

ACM Student Poster Award
First Place: Junquin Sun (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Obtaining High Performance via Lower-Precision FPGA Floating Point Units
Second Place: Timothy Hartley (The Ohio State University), Storing and Searching Massive Scale-free Graphs
Third Place: Alexandru Iosup (Delft University of Technology), GrenchMark: A Framework for Testing Large-Scale Distributed Computing Systems
ACM / IEEE Computer Society HPC Ph.D. Fellowship Award
Winner: Chao Wang, North Carolina State University
Winner: Mark Hoemmen, University of California, Berkeley
Winner: Arpith Chacko Jacob, Washington University of St. Louis
Honorable Mention: Kamesh Madduri, Georgia Institute of Technology
Honorable Mention: Yong Chen, Illinois Institute of Technology

Analytics Challenge
Robert Grossman, Anushka Anand, Shirley Connelly, Yunhong Gu, Matt Handley, Michal Sabala, Rajmonda Sulo, David Turkington, Leland Wilkinson (University of Illinois at Chicago), Ian Foster, Ti Leggett, Mike Papka, Mike Wilde (University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory), Joe Mambretti (Northwestern University), Bob Lucas and John Tran (University of Southern California), Angle: Detecting Anomalies and Emergent Behavior from Distributed Data in Near Real Time

Bandwidth Challenge
Winner: Stephen C. Simms, Matthew Davy, Bret Hammond, Matt Link, Craig Stewart, S. Teige, Mu-Hyun Baik, Yogita Mantri, Richard Lord, Rick McMullen, John C. Huffman, Kia Huffman (Indiana University), Guido Juckeland, Michael Kluge, Robert Henschel, Holger Brunst, Andreas Knuepfer, Matthias Mueller (Technical University Dresden), P.R. Mukund, Andrew Elble, Ajay Pasupuleti, Richard Bohn, Sripriya Das, James Stefano (Rochester Institute of Technology), Gregory G. Pike (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Douglas A. Balog (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center), Using the Data Capacitor for Remote Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualization
Honorable Mention (for “making it look easy”): Scott A. Friedman (University of California, Los Angeles), iWarp-based Remote Interactive Scientific Visualization

Cluster Challenge
Team Canada: Paul Lu, Paul Greidanus, Gordon Klok, Chris Kuethe, Stephen Portillo, Antoine Filion, Andrew Nisbet (University of Alberta)

Storage Challenge
Large System: Pavan Balaji (Argonne National Laboratory), Wu-chun Feng and Jeremy Archuleta (Virginia Tech), Heshan Lin (North Carolina State University), ParaMEDIC: Parallel Metadata Environment for Distributed I/O and Computing

Small System: Michael S. Warren and John Wofford (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Astronomical Data Analysis with Commodity Components

About SC07
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