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Greetings and welcome to the October edition of the SC07 official newsletter! Sponsored by ACM and IEEE,
SC07 is the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking, storage, and
analysis. SC07 will be held November 10-16, 2007, in Reno, NV.

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Highlights from the October Edition:

* Ph.D. Fellowship Program Debuts / Deadline for submission is 10/30!
* First-Time Attendees Get Help with On-Ramp to SC07
* The Best of the Best: The Top-Rated Papers of SC07
* SC07 Cluster Challenge: Meet the Teams
* SC07 Storage Challenge Committee Picks Finalists

* Gordon Bell Prize Paves the Way for Progress in High-End Computing

* HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards to be Announced at SC07

Ph.D. Fellowship Program Debuts / Deadline for submission is 10/30!

The Association of Computing Machinery, IEEE Computer Society and the SC Conference Series

are pleased to announce the first year of the High Performance Computing Ph.D. Fellowship

Program. The program honors exceptional Ph.D. students throughout the world who focus on
research in high performance computing, networking and storage and analysis. The program also
supports a long-standing commitment to workforce diversity. Students must be nominated by a
fulltime faculty member at a Ph.D. granting, accredited institution. The deadline for submission
materials is 10/30!


More Information:

First-Time Attendees Get Help with On-Ramp to SC07

Will this be your first time attending the SC conference? Would you like help with your calendar
using the online schedule and getting oriented to the conference? If so, please visit the Broader
Engagement kiosk in the main registration lobby. The Broader Engagement kiosk will be staffed
with volunteers who can answer questions and provide guidance, and who can support new
attendees in determining which conference events and resources best fit their needs and interests.
Print materials will also be available, designed especially for first-time SC attendees. Please stop by!

More Information:


The Best of the Best: The Top-Rated Papers of SC07

Five papers have been nominated by the SC07 Technical Papers Program Committee for the
Best Paper Award. The following nominated papers will be presented on Tuesday, 11/13:

Interconnects: Age-Based Packet Arbitration in Large-Radix k-ary n-cubes A method to reduce
latency and latency variation for messages in routing networks of large-scale tightly-coupled
supercomputers. (11/13, 10:30am - 11:00am, Room A2/A5)

Computational Biology: Large-scale Maximum Likelihood-based Phylogenetic Analysis on
the IBM BlueGene/L A parallelization strategy and performance results for a code solving a
central problem of computational biology, that of reconstructing evolutionary histories from
genomic data. (11/13, 11:30am - 12:00pm, Room A1/A6)

System Architecture: The Cray BlackWidow: A Highly Scalable Vector Multiprocessor Design
tradeoffs, preliminary performance, and overall architecture of a new supercomputer, including
its vector processor, distributed shared memory implementation, cache hierarchy and
interconnect network. (11/13, 1:30pm - 2:00pm, Room A3/A4)

Security and Fault Tolerance: DMTracker: Finding Bugs in Large-scale Parallel Programs by
Detecting Anomaly in Data Movements A tool that attacks the important problem of parallel
debugging using statistical methods to identify anomalous communication patterns both within
and across processes. (11/13, 2:00pm - 2:30pm, Room A2-A5)

Grid Scheduling: Inter-operating Grids through Delegated MatchMaking Using simulation and
traces from real computational workloads this paper addresses an important obstacle in the
creation of a single, large computing utility via a resource allocation scheme combing hierarchical
resource allocation with peer-to-peer organization with in the levels of the hierarchy.
(11/13, 2:30pm - 3:00pm, Room A1/A6)

More Information:

SC07 Cluster Challenge: Meet the Teams

The Cluster Challenge is a showcase event in which teams of next-generation high performance
computing talent harness the incredible power of current-generation cluster hardware. This
challenge brings together an international field of teams that share a "need for speed" and a
willingness to earn the top prize. The event promises to be exciting, educational and a truly
rewarding experience for all involved.

The teams have designed an architecture with their vendor partners that they hope will give
them advantage in this competition. The teams are now working to optimize benchmarks and
applications in preparation for the conference.

Meet the teams and their vendor partners:
• Indiana University + Apple
• National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) + ASUSTek
• Purdue University + HP
• University of Alberta (Canada) + SGI
• University of Colorado + Aspen Systems

The event coordinators will provide the teams with a 30-amp circuit and applications to be
run during the event. To win, teams must triage the workload and run as much of it as they
can in the 48 hours available to them. The application data will be provided to the teams
on Monday night at the SC07 Gala Opening event. As they race to the finish, the team
with the most points will earn the checkered flag - presented at the awards ceremony
on Thursday.

More Information:

SC07 Storage Challenge Committee Picks Finalists

The SC07 Storage Challenge showcases effective approaches to using the storage subsystem,
which is often the limiting factor for many HPC applications. This year's Storage Challenge committee
received a number of solid submissions from which the committee has chosen four finalists. The finalists
will present their results in a technical session scheduled for Tuesday, 11/13, from 1:30-3:00pm,
Room A10/A11.

More Information:

Gordon Bell Prize Paves the Way for Progress in High-End Computing

The awarding of the Gordon Bell Prize, which recognizes outstanding achievement in high-performance
scientific application, is one of the highlights of the SC conference. The award is named after Gordon Bell,
a pioneer in the field of mini and microcomputers and a researcher for Microsoft, who also provides the
funding for the $10,000 cash award. Governed by the Association for Computing Machinery, the Bell Prize
is administered by a panel of judges who review papers and select up to six finalists. Their decision is
announced at SC in the awards session - none of the finalists know the outcome until that time.

This year there are four finalists for the Gordon Bell Prize: 1) a simulation of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability
on a BlueGene/L system; (2) a weather research and forecast computation on a BlueGene/L;
(3) a first-principles simulation of a semiconductor system on the Earth Simulator; and (4) an X-ray
protein structure analysis on the MDGRAPE-3 system.

All four papers will be given in a single session on Wednesday, 11/14, at 10:30am. The winner(s)
will be announced in the Thursday afternoon Award Session. Please join us!

More Information:

HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards to be Announced at SC07

Every year HPCwire asks their readership to decide on the most innovative and successful organizations,
products and programs in the HPC industry. Once again, the response has been tremendous. The HPC
community has spoken and the votes are being counted! The winners will be revealed on Monday, 11/12,
during the Opening Gala Reception in the Exhibit Hall at SC07. Don't forget to stop by the HPCwire booth
(#743) to see who the HPC community has selected as the leaders of the industry! Be sure to pick up an
HPCwire button while you're at the booth for a chance to win cash prizes on the show floor! Keep your
browsers pointed to for exclusive, on-location coverage at SC07.


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