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Greetings and welcome to the May edition of the SC07 official newsletter! Sponsored by ACM and IEEE,
SC07 is the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking, storage, and
analysis. SC07 will be held November 10-16, 2007, in Reno, NV.

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Highlights from the May Edition:

* Filled to the Brim - SC07 Exhibitors Fill Exhibit Hall
* Call for Disruptive Technology Proposals / Submissions Close on May 21 
* Bandwidth Challenge - Call for Participation
* Storage Challenge - Call for Participation
* SCinet Xnet Presents Cutting-Edge Demos
* Student Volunteer Opportunities Abound
* Seymour Cray Computer Engineering and Sidney Fernbach Memorial Award Nominations

* Ultimate HPC Geek Competition Returns


Filled to the Brim -
SC07 Exhibitors Fill Exhibit Hall

SC07 is still six months away and the number of exhibits is already at an all-time high. This growth is fueled

by the increasing presence of new companies. "For the first time in several years, we have enough exhibit

space in the convention center to accommodate many new industry and research exhibitors," said

Cherri Pancake, SC07 Exhibits Chair. "There are a few spaces left," Pancake, added, "but we'll be

sold out by the end of June."

More information:

Call for Disruptive Technology Proposals /

Submissions Close on May 21

Consisting of an exhibit showcase area and two invited panel sessions, Disruptive Technologies (DT)

focuses on technologies with the potential to overturn existing, dominant technologies in supercomputing

in the next five to 15 years. The DT Exhibit Showcase will allow researchers to demonstrate working prototypes,

and the panel sessions will offer expert views on DT for processors, memory, interconnects, and storage.


The SC07 Disruptive Technologies committee will select four technologies for display on the exhibit floor to

allow attendees to participate in technology demonstrations and in-depth technical discussions. Winners will

receive free exhibit floor space in a high visibility location. Industry, academia, and government researchers

are invited to submit for the DT Exhibit Showcase.


Submissions must include a 150-word abstract and a 50-word description of how the exhibit space will be used.

Submissions may include an optional research paper or presentation that describes the technology in more detail.

More information:


Bandwidth Challenge -
Call for Participation

The theme of this year's SC07 Bandwidth Challenge is "End-to-End Achievement - Serving as a Model".

Participants will showcase new ways to take advantage of high speed networks. Entries are due by July 31

(note: submissions are due earlier this year than in previous years).

More information:


Storage Challenge -
Call for Participation

The Storage Challenge showcases effective approaches to using the storage subsystem, often the limiting

factor for many HPC applications.


To enter, submit a description of a work in progress, or preliminary results, in advance of the conference.

Finalists will be selected and invited to present during a technical program session at SC07. Participants

must describe their data access implementations and present measurements of performance, scalability,

and storage subsystem utilization. Judging will be based on innovation, effectiveness, maximum size, and

peak performance. Participants with access to either large or small HPC systems are encouraged to enter

this challenge.


The "Notice of Intent to Participate" is not required this year. Proposals are due by July 31.

More information:

SCinet Xnet Presents
Cutting-Edge Demos

The SC07 exhibit floor network, known as "SCinet," is a robust, production-quality network that serves as the

conduit for major research demonstrations and exhibitor interconnectivity. SCinet provides reliable local area,

wide area, and commodity network services.


"Xnet" is the vehicle that allows attendees to witness cutting-edge network technology demonstrations in a way

that does not interfere with the overall impact and reliability of the SCinet infrastructure. Once again, Xnet will

provide a venue to showcase emerging (often pre-commercial or vendor pre-competitive) advanced and

research networking technologies, protocols, and experimental networking applications. Submissions are welcome!

More information:

"Cluster Challenge" Announces
Benchmarks and Applications

The Cluster Challenge allows teams of undergraduate students to compete in categories that showcase the
incredible power of current-generation cluster hardware. They work with equipment supplied by their vendor
partners to run a workload, consisting of HPCC benchmarks and open source applications.

The SC07 Cluster Challenge benchmarks and applications are: GAMESS, the General Atomic and Molecular
Electronic Structure System, POP, the Parallel Ocean Program, and PovRay, the Persistence of Vision ray
trace application.

More information:

Student Volunteer Opportunities Abound

Undergraduate and graduate student volunteers are needed to assist with the administration of the conference.

In exchange, students will receive free conference registration, housing (for out-of-town volunteers), and most

meals. Student volunteers will have the opportunity to see and discuss the latest high performance networking

and computing technologies, and meet leading researchers while contributing to the success of this annual event.


Volunteers are expected to be available for a total of 4-5 hours of work per day during the week of the conference.

No special skill or experience is necessary for most volunteer positions; however, familiarity with computing platforms,

audio/visual equipment, or office equipment will be helpful.


Applications are due by August 3 by submitting information at the submissions Web site at

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by September 3.

More Information:

Seymour Cray Computer Engineering and

Sidney Fernbach Memorial Award Nominations

The prestigious Seymour Cray Computer Engineering and Sidney Fernbach Memorial awards recognize outstanding

achievement in the field of supercomputing. The Cray award is given to individuals whose innovative contributions to

high performance computing best exemplify the creative spirit of Seymour Cray. The Sidney Fernbach Memorial award

recognizes innovative uses of high performance computing for the solution of large computational problems.


Nominations are due by June 30 (note: this is one month earlier than in previous years). The nomination form, and the

required endorsements, should be submitted to the IEEE Computer Society at

More Information: http://


Ultimate HPC Geek Competition Returns

Intel Corporation will sponsor the "Ultimate HPC Geek Contest Supercomputing 2007" again in 2007! Qualified participants

can test their technical genius by attempting to "out-geek" the competition in a live cluster-building contest. The winner will

receive a high performance computing (HPC) cluster based on Intel's latest processor technology for use by his/her university,

college, or non-profit organization. Last year's champion, Earlham College Associate Professor of Computer Science

Charlie Peck, is using his cluster to develop curriculum modules for teaching HPC to students and educators.

More Information:

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