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Technical Program Highlights

An extraordinary program is in store for you at SC07, the world’s premier HPC event. High end computing represents the leading edge of the information technology world and SC07 will define that edge. The research portions of the technical program this year reflect ever-higher levels of selectivity, while the invited presentations feature an exceptional lineup of speakers. Panel sessions have been selected with an eye toward spanning many of today’s “hot” HPC topics. A sampling of highlights includes:

  • Computational Biology: research papers show how Cognitive Science and Systems Biology simulations are taken to unprecedented levels through massive parallelism or reconfigurable computing.

  • A special interactive Masterworks session with leading CTOs and CIOs will explore corporate deliberations regarding the strategic value of HPC for gaining a competitive edge.

  • The future of HPC: Looking further ahead than most forecasts commonly do, two panel sessions and five exhibits on Disruptive Technologies will suggest and display those innovations most likely to overturn today’s dominant HPC technologies in just a few years.

  • A new Doctoral Showcase event will highlight what the next generation of HPC researchers is up to.

  • An especially strong and vibrant tutorial program that includes eight new tutorials and several sessions offering hands-on demos and exercises, organized in a format that allows you to focus on one tutorial or sit in on multiple sessions.

We are particularly pleased to announce that astrophysicist George Smoot, co-recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics, will speak at SC07. Dr. Smoot’s current research characterizes perfectly what SC07 is all about:
  • Petaflop-and-beyond computing requirements;

  • Algorithm and software requirements that truly press the limits;

  • Use of new technologies;

  • Service to, and collaboration with, a large international community;

  • And most of all, thrilling science.

We invite you to explore SC07, the world’s supercomputing conference!


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