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SC07 Keynote Address

SC07 is expanding the frontiers of HPC by challenging the combination of computation, networking, storage, and analysis. The keynote address will kick off this year’s conference, by setting the stage for a new kind of combination – or merger – as the keynote will explain.

Tuesday, November 13, 8:30 AM

Prof. Neil Gershenfeld
Director, The Center for Bits and Atoms

Neil Gershenfeld, who galvanizes the imagination of his students and whose work has received enthusiastic attention from the New York Times, The Economist, CNN, and PBS among others, will be the keynote speaker at SC07.

Gershenfeld's keynote address -- Programming Bits and Atoms -- will open the SC07 Technical Program on Tuesday, November 13, in the Reno Convention Center. In it he will explain how the world is about to shift. Before long, people will own inexpensive desktop machines that can print functioning 3-D objects -- not just static structures -- just as effortlessly as desktop computers can already print pictures and words in two dimensions. Research on digital fabrication is about the fundamental merging of computation and fabrication. Consider that personal fabricators will transform us into magicians, capable of conjuring up precisely what we want, when we want it. Such possibilities make this talk the perfect kick-off to SC07.

Prof. Neil Gershenfeld, Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, is anything but a dry academic. He displays a contagious excitement, a lively sense of humor and a Vegas comic's timing. When he's presenting his revolutionary approach, laughter reverberates in the halls. Still, Gershenfeld never wanders from the deep concepts of physics that drive his vision.

His technologies have been on display at the Museum of Modern Art, at the White House, at the World Economic Forum, at Las Vegas shows and in Indian villages.

His publications include The Nature of Mathematical Modeling, The Physics of Information Technology, When Things Start to Think, which contemplates future interactions between technology and everyday life; and FAB: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop, published in 2005.

Neil Gershenfeld has a brilliant grasp of the complexities of evolving scientific understanding and a singular talent for distilling that understanding into technologies and machines that extend human reach and serve human needs. The SC07 committee is excited that Gershenfeld will share his inventiveness and foresight with the SC community. More information about him and his accomplishments can be found on his website (


Tuesday, Nov 13

Time Session Event Chair/Speaker Location
8:30AM - 10:00AM Keynote Programming Bits and Atoms Neil Gershenfeld Ballroom

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